A very warm welcome to The Natural Cancer Clinic. Based in Finchampstead (Wokingham) in Berkshire we offer complementary therapies to anyone suffering from cancer, their family and carers.

Our dedicated centre is warm, comfortable and peaceful and our highly experienced practitioners are trained to the highest standard they are all extremely passionate about delivering a holistic approach to healing. Offering a safe place for treatment that isn’t a hospital or medical facility.

We provide the upmost care to all of our patients at all times and very much tailor our treatments to the individual, sometimes combining therapies to provide the best outcome that we can for our clients.

Our gentle and therapeutic treatments work to rebalance both the body and the mind.

We offer

  • Reflexology</h4 >

  • Refexology Lymphatic Drainage</h4 >

  • Acupuncture</h4 >

  • Nutrition</h4 >

  • Reiki</h4 >

  • Pranic Healing</h4 >

Complementary therapies are safe, natural and non-intrusive and can help to treat a wide variety of ailments. Complementary health focuses on the interconnectedness of the body, mind, emotions and your social and natural environment.  We work with you to support your body during any stage of your diagnosis including during chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Many of our patients continue to see us after treatment has come to an end to help them manage long term side effects.

We recognise that some patients are not always able to come to us so when we can we will come to your home to treat you if you wish.




Works by rebalancing the body’s flow of energy. Illness can occur when the flow is blocked or disrupted.




A gentle, relaxing therapy that works by balancing all of the body systems in one treatment. Mind, body and soul.

Reiki master working with patient


We offer Reiki and Pranic healing. Both are a form of energy healing to balance, harmonise and transform the body’s energy process.

Foods high in vitamin B9. Healthy food, sources of folic acid. Top view


What we eat can affect our health in many different ways, our nutritionist will help you make the correct choices to enhance your welling now an In the future.

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